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Djembé workshops


a few times a month, course of Alchemistic drumming and African percussion.

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Icaro workshop

Twice a month,  the ancient way of shamanic Amazon singing in the style of Mestizo shamanism from Peru More info

de stemgenzer


Every month Finding your inner voice, during this deep singing workshop

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Opening of the Heart

Every month Ceremonie with the Amazon plant energies.  

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Every month soundhealing concerts in the spirit of the amazon Maestros

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Cacao ceremonies

Every month there are more than 4 Cacao ceremonies.  Check out our new website

Season's Shift

Our year training  in personal development, to become a life-wizzard.


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Horse circles

Every month a few horse circles.  There are mixed circles and circles only for women

I invite you all to attend our  Women's Sacred Circle.  This powerful circle will awaken "the remembering" of what we once knew and share with our amazing community of women in a safe and loving space.


The Sacred Circle welcomes women to a space where we can just be. It is our time and our place to be nourished by our sacred time together. It will be a time for quiet contemplation where we can feel the presence of Spirit and, it is also a time for lively discussion about…well, any and everything that matters to women!


Holding sacred circle means that there is an agreement present to hold each other and the gathering itself as sacred. What is shared or spoken is done in a sacred manner. As we listen to one another, we do so in a sacred way. There is no judgment or criticism present. We are able to listen whole heartedly to what each woman has to say, holding her in support and compassion, receiving her in wholeness.


Women of all ages and all spiritual paths are welcome.  Bring a friend and make this Circle a part of your life.  Please come and reconnect to the essence of your Being.






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