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Djembé workshops


a few times a month, course of Alchemistic drumming and African percussion.

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Icaro workshop

Twice a month,  the ancient way of shamanic Amazon singing in the style of Mestizo shamanism from Peru More info

de stemgenzer


Every month Finding your inner voice, during this deep singing workshop

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Opening of the Heart

Every month Ceremonie with the Amazon plant energies.  

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Every month soundhealing concerts in the spirit of the amazon Maestros

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Cacao ceremonies

Every month there are more than 4 Cacao ceremonies.  Check out our new website

Season's Shift

Our year training  in personal development, to become a life-wizzard.


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Horse circles

Every month a few horse circles.  There are mixed circles and circles only for women

The choice of a treatment / session is not just made by you. Do we actually make a choice, or does our body know in all its complexity energetic all too well the direction in which it should move to get back into balance? We focus in these treatments especially on those people who make a commitment to themselves to invest in the

tibetan bowl

Do you feel good about yourself? Are you where your heart is? Want to transform something, and you are also willing to actually take anything for it? These types of questions can bring you a clear "intention" for your treatment. An intention can be a desire, something that you want to move to, but maybe got not the strength to think. An intention is best simple and clear. Your subconscious does not have a long list of desires. If you ask yourself some profound questions about the meaning of your life, you'll soon reach the core, and this core is your intention.

According to your needs, a soundhealing can become more of a energetic treatment as a shamanic healing treatment can become more of a soundhealing.


Reiki is working with universal life-energy given through the hands and correct intentions.   I will do everything within my hearth to bring you on your own Dharma-track, so you can become master over your own body mind and spirit, you pull the strings! I combine Reiki  often with shamanic cares according to the Andes tradtions: use of cleansings, singing (icaro's), rituals,...  


To make the release of heavy energy more effective I also use Tachyon.  When you find yourself laying in the Tachyon cocoon you're surrounded by energy.  This aimed stream of energy makes a deep balance and transformation possible for your whole being.  


The best treatment for you will come to me when we meet, and the approach is always the best one for you on that exact moment of your life.





realizing of your dreams, your deepest wishes and desires, your liberation from old habits and patterns ... an engagement with 'your life'.

For this commitment to enforce we ask you to be in the days preceding this session to overlook your life. See and feel "where" you are now in your life.