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Djembé workshops


a few times a month, course of Alchemistic drumming and African percussion.

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Icaro workshop

Twice a month,  the ancient way of shamanic Amazon singing in the style of Mestizo shamanism from Peru More info

de stemgenzer


Every month Finding your inner voice, during this deep singing workshop

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Opening of the Heart

Every month Ceremonie with the Amazon plant energies.  

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Every month soundhealing concerts in the spirit of the amazon Maestros

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Cacao ceremonies

Every month there are more than 4 Cacao ceremonies.  Check out our new website

Season's Shift

Our year training  in personal development, to become a life-wizzard.


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icaro zeer klein en smal sensitve horses_small

Horse circles

Every month a few horse circles.  There are mixed circles and circles only for women

From “The White Arrow” platform, we (Juanita & Marijn) can offer you a lot of delightful events such as concerts, workshops, trainings, teambuildings, dance-events, sweat-lodges, individual healings …


During our lifes we received a lot of training and were involved in a lot of projects which formed us. Our main goal is to touch you physically and spiritually to achieve your own personal goals, straight as a white arrow.


Instead of never-ending therapies and commercial spiritual tug-of-war, we can guide you to undertake actual steps in your life, to step out of your comfort zone, to move and transform. With all our heart, we are truly dedicated to put your happiness at pole position, to anchor you spirit in time, to crystallize your dreams and Spirituality anchor your mind,


To come out of the clouds.

To achieve unity and love you have to take every step. We call upon all our experience to support you. We both enjoyed many years of training and are qualified in Shamanism from Peru (plantmedicines from the Amazon) and the Andes (the work of the Incas). Besides that we enjoyed numerous other courses with specializations in Tachyon therapist, massage, dance, rebirthing, foodeducation and many others.


Finally, we achieved both our diploma after years of training with Dr. Eduard Van den Bogaert, in order to bring the work of the biology total of Sabah and Dr. Hamer in our personal work. Our work throughout the various projects and personal counseling is founded on three pillars.



Life Coaching

The Black work, the White work and the Red work.

The Black work, consists of exposing and uncovering all the unknown aspects of your past and inner self while looking at your perinatality, your family-stories and family tree (genealogy), the secrets of your life, the hidden emotions which can consciously and especially subconsciously prescribe your life. In this penetrating black pillar a solid foundation is build to be able to search for what is really to be enlightened in your life. After the profound as we call it “black work” you are ready to evolve to the next pillar, the so called “white work”. All roads lead first by the black work, you can not escape, because life throws you always back to this. Many people get stuck in the 'white work', so they are literally prisoners of their own "peace & love image," it is a sweet life without foundation, because you do not want to look at what is really the light in your life.  The White Arrow consists of focalizing on looking forward, your future plans and vision, your life mission, what makes you happy with softness and love as your guide to achieve “inner unity”. Founded on “knowing who you were” (black pillar) and with a clear vision of the future and your goals to achieve (white pillar) you can start working on the so called “red work”.  With unity and mastership we get to the red work. Here you are master of your consciousness, the black work is integrated into your awareness and will not unknowingly snares you, the white work clearly indicates a new direction in which you desire to move, and as a 'red magician' you are an active, creative and conscious participant and a player of this magnificent game on earth. You choose, you play, you create keeping in mind your own beautiful painting during your stay here on Earth.


Welcome to 'The White Arrow "