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Djembé workshops


a few times a month, course of Alchemistic drumming and African percussion.

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Icaro workshop

Twice a month,  the ancient way of shamanic Amazon singing in the style of Mestizo shamanism from Peru More info

de stemgenzer


Every month Finding your inner voice, during this deep singing workshop

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Opening of the Heart

Every month Ceremonie with the Amazon plant energies.  

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Every month soundhealing concerts in the spirit of the amazon Maestros

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Cacao ceremonies

Every month there are more than 4 Cacao ceremonies.  Check out our new website

Season's Shift

Our year training  in personal development, to become a life-wizzard.


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Horse circles

Every month a few horse circles.  There are mixed circles and circles only for women

Being touched is one of our basic needs.


This is why a massage can have magical effects on your body.


The love and attention with which the masseuse works is of the highest importance to obtain a good result with a massage.


There is always enough room for the patient to react in his own way during the massage. During, it is recommended that the patient brings his attention to the areas in his body where he can feel a reaction. Especially with pain this form of attention can bring relief.


Juanita has developed her own unique way of working after years of experience with several massage techniques. As no other she feels where pain points have attached themselves in your body and she will release them so that the energy can flow again freely

Healing stomach-organ nmassage

This massage starts at the belly button, the centre of your body towards the surrounding abdomen. Stress, tensions and negative emotions accumulate in the belly button area in such a way that they are difficult to process (digest) and all other vital functions stagnate.


Our organ system holds on to a lot of unprocessed matters and supressed emotions; this technique helps to release sick energy and blockages in the organs/intestines. During the release of the different tissue structures and their connections, bad passages and acidifications are eliminated and get a better circulation.

Relaxing body massage

A relaxing body massage with a nice scented oil is the quickest way to put the body and mind at ease. Tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and back become relaxed.


A massage stimulates the blood circulation and activates the lymphatic drainage with waste products being removed more quickly. The contact of warm hands on your body also activates the production of endorphins (substances that release tensions and reduce stress). This type of massage is wonderfully relaxing for the body and mind. The untreated areas will be covered up out of respect.

Intuitive massage

Intuitive massage is a holistic way of massaging. The massage develops from the heart. Which will be different each time as I let my heart and intuition lead. This way my hands are being steered and an alchemy between me and the patient develops.

With respect for your boundaries you let yourself be touched!!



With duo treatments we mean; 2 consecutive treatments or 2 at the same time, as desired. We combine the power and physical impact of an intuitive massage with the energetic and emotional effect of a soundbath through a  soundhealing. These treatments can be booked individually or with a small group (max. 5 participants).

Healing and personal growth through group work. It happens for a reason when people get together in group. The energetic connection and the coming together of participants delivers a unique and powerful event. Juanita and Marijn guide these gatherings. There is room for a heartfelt conversation with powerful and deep working massages and a sound bath with a number of instruments and the voice.


What to expect during this session:

-a magical and surprising evening with the goal of attaining your physical and energetical well being

-we set up the room for a maximum of 5 participants where we will work during the entire session with techniques like : massage, soundhealing, breathingtechniques, voice liberation, shamanistic healing techniques, reiki, …


The group sessions are ideal to book with a few friends or relatives



Individuele behandeling


During this individual duo treatment we can give an entire session made to measure, fully adapted to your personal needs. U can choose to be treated simultaneously by Juanita and Marijn or to have two consecutive and separate treatments.


What to expect during this session:

-an intake conversation with Juanita and/or Marijn

-an intuitive massage by Juanti Pyl (meaning that the nature of the massage will be decided by the moment)

-a soundhealing by Marijn De Wit ( a rich soundbath with a number of instruments and the voice)

-an evaluation

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As aloe Vera consultant I completely live and experience this healing medicinal plant. Myself, I have already been experiencing these special powers for many years.


There are approximately 400 kinds of aloe plants. They are all succulents that can be found in dry areas all over the world. They all have their own healing properties but there is only one kind that has been known for millennia for its magical and calming effect - Aloë Barbadensis Miller.


Accounts of this plant can be found on Sumerian clay tablets from 2200 BC. Having cosmetic and healing advantages; Aloë was appreciated by the old civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, India & the Middle east. Just like these old civilizations, Forever recommends Aloë for it’s calming, nurturing properties.


During this unique massage you will drink Aloë Vera in its purest form to stimulate the work from within. You will also receive an intuitive massage with pure Aloë vera massage crème, which goes 9 layers deep into the skin. A relaxing and healing massage for body and mind.

Aloë Vera massage

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