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Djembé workshops


a few times a month, course of Alchemistic drumming and African percussion.

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Icaro workshop

Twice a month,  the ancient way of shamanic Amazon singing in the style of Mestizo shamanism from Peru More info

de stemgenzer


Every month Finding your inner voice, during this deep singing workshop

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Opening of the Heart

Every month Ceremonie with the Amazon plant energies.  

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Every month soundhealing concerts in the spirit of the amazon Maestros

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Cacao ceremonies

Every month there are more than 4 Cacao ceremonies.  Check out our new website

Season's Shift

Our year training  in personal development, to become a life-wizzard.


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Horse circles

Every month a few horse circles.  There are mixed circles and circles only for women

Music is the center of my life. From early childhood I have been surrounded by music with life itself pushing me to yet another instrument. This challenging and interesting journey of mine led me to a professional education as an African percussionist. For this I was trained in Belgium and Africa. My journey has also allowed me to learn a score of ethnic instruments (flutes, didgerdoo, n'goni, hang, etc.) In this process I have also become a composer of ethnic influenced music.


This journey has also led me to a conclusion about the beginning of Life: It began with SOUND!

Some years ago I started a very intense training in Andean and Tibetan shamanism with Ema'a Drolma Mata. This brought my life-long search in the world of mysticism to absolute clarity: All of life is perfect here and now. If we need a goal at all, the goal could be to grow to our highest potential.

Aware of our own creations we live in love and harmony together on this wonderful planet. With all my heart, I want to share my experiences and insights with you as I guide you to heal yourself. Together we choose a treatment that fits your needs: Soundhealing, Reiki, sweatlodge, percussion-workshops, shamanic rituals,...



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